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The Belt and Road | FengJing Group Russia's study tour ended successfully!

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Driven by the national Belt and Road development strategy, China-Russia cooperation and exchanges in international trade are deepening.


FengJing Group has long regarded China-Russian trade as an important part of its global strategic planning. To this end, Fengjing Group selected the fourth overseas study tour project in Russia, China's trading partner country.




During the 9-day inspection, the delegation visited the magnificent European ancient buildings and experienced the tragic art of the Tsar; felt the revolutionary spirit of the fighting nation and the rich artistic and artistic heritage of Russia; and entered the building materials market to listen to the voices of customers. The ever-changing market, continuous learning and continuous improvement.


The two most typical cities in Russia are probably the capital Moscow and the former "North Capital" of Leningrad, St. Petersburg. During the visit to Russia, the delegation first arrived in the capital Moscow.


Deep into the heart of Moscow, the mission first arrived at the Kremlin, the seat of the presidential palace symbolizing the Russian Federation. In the eyes of the Russians, the Kremlin, like China's Tiananmen and Zhongnanhai, is Russia's landmark and national symbol.




Around the Kremlin are a group of large-scale, beautifully designed buildings such as the Red Square and the Church Square. Each building contains the unparalleled wisdom of the Russian people and is a rare masterpiece in the history of world architecture.


The palace preserves masterpieces of Russian casting art: the 40-ton "Cannon King" and the 200-ton "Bell King". The Kremlin thus became Russia's cherished cultural heritage.




Red Square and the Kremlin

Here you can feel the artistic atmosphere of the early Russian architecture. You can also learn the Russian Baroque architectural design and feel the originality of the architect.


As an open, competitive and diversified trading country, Russia is also a major country in building materials demand, in addition to its rich mineral resources. After all, this magnificent building complex is supported by quality building materials.


By visiting the largest building materials store in Moscow, the members of the delegation actually felt the norm of the Russian building materials market. The display area is divided into fine parts, and it is very convenient to find similar products according to functional purposes.


What is more worth learning is that the price of all products sold must be reported to the government. After approval, it can be circulated in the market, greatly reducing the situation of shoddy.


Moscow building materials market

At the same time, the delegation also went to the World War II Park to experience the red memory, and entered the Moscow University, which is known as the "world's highest university", to feel the human atmosphere.


Moscow has very good transportation and basic attractions can be reached by metro, and the city's underground palace is another option for exploration.


St. Petersburg on the eastern shore of the Baltic Sea is a fascinating water city with more than 40 islands and more than 70 rivers intertwined and connected by more than 300 bridges. It is called Venice of the North.



The wide Neva River and the tributaries divide the city into blocks, forming an orderly scene of there are cars on the road and ships under the road. While watching the scenery on both sides of the Neva River, the members of the delegation spent a happy time singing and dancing with the boat crew!


Compared with Moscow, St. Petersburg was once the capital of Russia. It is known as the city of the palace. It is a glorious testimony of the Russian Empire. It was ordered by Tsar Peter I in 1703.


St. Petersburg is more romantic than Moscow, with the largest freshwater lake in Europe and more than 4,000 ancient buildings, more than 200 museums, countless theatre, and Pushkin, Tchaikovsky, Dostoevsky The home of many cultural celebrities.


St. Petersburg


Going to different countries and cities, stepping into different markets, meeting different people, and having different feelings, this trip to study tour is equally memorable and meaningful for everyone.


There is no end to learning the sea. There is no end to the study tour. I am willing to work hard, and strive to enter!

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