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How did the Notre Dame de Paris burned

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How did the Notre Dame de Paris burned?

This point often ignored in building fire protection!


Fengjing Group - 18th April



At about 6 o'clock in the evening on April 15th, French time, Notre Dame suddenly caught fire. The raging fire spread rapidly and burned mercilessly. Wherever it went, the beautiful buildings instantly turned into ruins.


More than 400 firefighters rushed to the scene and risked their lives to rescue. Fortunately, most of the decorations survived and the cultural relics were rescued one by one. But the damage is still very heavy: the 850-year-old monument was burnt, the spire of the tower collapsed, and the rose skylight was burned...




The fire is ruthless, people still not come out of the grief of the Liangshan’s blaze half a month ago, and sighed that the Notre Dame de Paris was burned too.


Safety of Building fire protection


"Fire is fierce like a tiger", a sudden disaster will bring great threats to people's lives and property. In severe cases, it will cause great suffering to the society! Safety of building fire protection is pretty important which depends the length of life of the building.


According to the analysis of firefighting and construction experts, one of the most critical factors to ensure the evacuation of people and property safety is that whether the windows with fire resistant such as the indoors and outdoors in the beginning of the fire, or reach to the specific time of fire resistance.


The importance of fireproof sealing


Fireproof sealing is a method of fire prevention and smoke isolation, widely used in architectural design. In general, it includes the treatment of various penetrations through the wall, through the slabs, and various structural joints.


Among them, the fire retardant PU foam used for fireproof sealing is a very small part of the whole building fireproof design and component materials, but it is also an extremely important part. Although the dosage is small, the function is very powerful.


In order to make us owns a safer and more comfortable home, provide a variety of innovative solutions for waterproofing and fire safety of building doors and windows, through repeated experiments, Fengjing Group successfully launched the FJ-931 "Flame-retarded King"- B2 fire standard polyurethane foam.

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