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Trip to Hanoi in March



Fengjing Group set foot on the country that is only one river away from Guangxi - Vietnam once again by the theme of " Better Vietnam". Vietnam, named "Oriental Paris", with stretched coastline, a good place for gold panning and where the East and the West culture collided.On March 27th~31th, the two brands “Fengjing” and “Galloper” appeared at the VIETBUILD Building Materials Exhibition in Hanoi, Vietnam.


 The population of Vietnam is nearly 100 million. Its economy and population  developed and increased rapidly in recent years, and the speed of developing ranks in the top ten of the world. Construction projects such as real estate, public transportation, and power stations gradually launched.There appeared a new wave of residential buildings, emerging urban areas, industrial areas, economic development zones,infrastructure and residential construction too. Annual economic growth rate of construction market is about 17-25%. The annual demand for housing is around 32 billion dollars. The value of trade between China and Vietnam has increased more than 100 times in the past decade. Nowadays, China is the largest trading partner for  Vietnam. Due to the weak industrial base in Vietnam, most of the Vietnamese building materials market still relied on importing yet. Along with the implement of plan of “TWO CORRIDORS AND ONE RING” and the “B&R” strategy. The prosperity of the construction market in Vietnam brought huge business opportunities and a broader world to Chinese building materials industry.


Vietnam Hanoi Building Materials Exhibition has been held since 1958. It is the largest, most professional and most influential international building materials exhibition in Vietnam. This exhibition provides a new communication platform for Fengjing Group.They showed unique brand charm with comprehensive product series  by this chance, attracted many local customers. There were crowds of people, they praised that “Fengjing’s products is not inferior to products which is made in Japan,Korea and Malaysia.


As exhibitors, we displayed “Fengjing” lines products for high-end projects such as doors, windows and curtain walls, and “Galloper” brand products for building  materials adhesives and waterproof coatings, introduced clients detailed production usage and features. Besides, creative booth style, intuitional product catalogs, video demonstrations, promotional props and samples, became a unique and beautiful landscape.Many customers expressed their strong cooperation intention and we set up a good example for Chinese exhibitors


During this exhibition, Fengjing Group carried out deep-level product exchanges and cooperation discussions with new and old customers.The response of the exhibition was very enthusiastic, attracting the Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh and Hue, and even the professional customers of South Korea to ask.They were satisfied with products and want to visit our factory further. Even more, someone expressed their strong desire to become Fengjing’s brand agent. As far as Fengjing concerned, it is one step to enhance the brand awareness and influence in the Vietnamese market, it will become our company's strategic plan of Vietnam cooperation and helps us further develop the entire Southeast Asian market. We believe that Fengjing Group, which always insists on high-quality products and services, will bloom more brilliantly in the ASEAN market and even the entire "world stage", finally become leading sealants &adhesive brand all around the world!


Fengjing Group approved by customers with the high quality products by 17 years’ effort. Under the guidance of the mission of “Achieving the Beauty of Architecture” and adhering to the service tenet of “market-oriented, customer-centered”, Fengjing Group will provide better products and services for users!